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Friday, July 29, 2011

My life at last over ten years back

Well, before I would say about my experience in life I would introduce something to you.

As a boy, I am the oldest of siblings, I was a hard boy. I could do many kinds of work in my home that why my parents love me so much, my experience of professional work is climbing the palm tree for sugar. that is principle job in my family and in my village. Moreover, The Palm Trees are the nation heritage of Cambodia. Cambodia has millions of palm trees. In addition, palm trees have a lot of advantages. Cambodian can earn some money from palm trees. Palm juice is very tasty and it can be used to make palm sugar. Female palm can produces much more juice than male palm trees.
Palm sap is obtained by flower squeezing. This operation is not harmful to the growth or the reproduction of palm tree. The harvest season may start from December to May. Farmers may collect palm sap of approximately 5-10L per tree and per day. . As you know, climbing palm is not easy and getting the palm water is not easy. to make palm water to become sugar is not easy too. we need to burn many woods. So we can say, need to destroy the forest for sugar.
Harvesting palm juice
Producing palm sugar


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